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Gerbil Chews and Gnaws

Gerbil chews and gnaws are excellent entertainment, as well as being a great method of allowing your pet to regulate their own tooth length. A gerbil’s teeth will grow throughout their lives, getting longer and longer until they are worn down by the foods they eat. However, as with many captive rodents, sometimes pet gerbils won’t get enough tough foods in their diet for their teeth to wear down naturally, and so they turn to other things around their enclosure to nibble on. In these situations, it’s good to supply a chew or gnaw toy in order to allow them something that they can use safely to their hearts’ content.

Gerbils chews and gnaws help them to keep their teeth at a good length

There are lots of chews and gnaws available - we sell a variety online at our gerbil and hamster shop. If you want to use your own piece of wood, it’s best to make sure that it’s not a treated wood, so that it doesn’t have any varnishes, stains or pesticides on it. It’s also best to be sure that it’s a type of wood that doesn’t splinter too easily, as this is a risk when an animal is chewing on it.

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