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Getting A Gerbil

The process of getting gerbils is an exciting time for any owner. Whether you’re adding another enclosure of gerbils or bringing home your first pair there’s lots to look forward to, as well as lots to prepare for. This section of the guide covers some of the basics of gerbil care, as well as offering advice on the logistics of bringing your new pets home for the very first time.

getting a gerbil
Getting a gerbil is very exciting, but there are things you need to do to prepare

Bringing gerbils into your home involves lots of decisions and preparation, all of which you’ll want to have completed before any new pets cross your threshold. You’ll want to think about whether you want to adopt or buy your gerbils, where you want to get the animals from, and how you’re going to get your new friends home. This section of the guide contains information on all of these issues, as well as some advice on what you’ll need to get ready.

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