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Gerbil Wheels

Gerbils need a wheel attached to (or placed inside) their enclosure - it’s a vital piece of equipment that enables them to get the exercise they need, helping them stay fit and healthy. Wheels enable them to run around without simply running in circles around their enclosure. They can be vital components of a happy gerbil’s home. Just be sure to get the right wheel for your pet...

gerbil wheel
Wheels are a fantastic way to help gerbils get exercise

The crucial thing to remember when buying a wheel for gerbils is that the only safe options are those without gaps between the rungs. Gerbils have tails, which can get caught in between the rungs when the wheel is in motion. It is for this reason that it’s best to get a solid wheel, one without gaps. Catching their tail in the rungs will almost certainly break it, which will be extremely painful.

The wheel will also need to be the right size. Those intended for mice or small varieties of hamster will be too small for gerbils to run in properly, and so your gerbil won’t want to use it frequently, if at all. You’ll need a wheel that is about seven or eight inches in diameter. If you have a Qute, a good-sized wheel comes free with the unit.

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