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Remember Remember the 5th of November (And Your Rabbits!)

Not only was Guy Fawkes being reckless in his attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament, but had his explosives gone off he would have frightened the entire rabbit population of Westminster half to death.

Make sure that your rabbits are insulated from the cold as well as from noise

To avoid giving your rabbit a sleepless night on the fifth of November, you should take them indoors, as far away from all the commotion as possible. It’s best to do this earlier in the day, not five minutes before, as this will give your rabbits a chance to acclimatise to their new surroundings. If you want to be really considerate, why not take the emphasis away from loud bangs and change it to apple bobbing and sparklers?!

As well as making sure they're not frightened on the fifth, you'll need to be careful throughout autumn as the nights are growing colder. Add more hay to the bed chamber, maybe invest in a temperature liner to keep out the cold, or, if it gets nippy, bring them indoors.

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