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The Omlet Rabbit Guide

Rabbits make wonderful pets for people living all over the world. Not only can they be fun, affectionate animals, but they are capable of developing strong bonds with their human owners. Rabbits are inquisitive, interesting and - at times - mischievous creatures, characteristics that have made them extremely popular amongst pet owners in lots of different countries.

Rabbits come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes - they make fantastic companions

This guide contains information about many different aspects of rabbit ownership, and is intended both to support you through the first steps of rabbit ownership, and to provide a dip-in resource for any questions you might have. The different sections offer information on a wide variety of topics, from choosing breeds, to performing health checks, right through to toys and treats. We hope you will find it useful, and that you enjoy caring for these fascinating animals.

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My three Buns.
Toffee relaxing in the grass and flowers
Our new rabbit baby.


Andrea, 29 June 2019

I really really really want a bunny and I need help to get one