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Brrrr! - Don't Forget Your Rabbits

This is the perfect weather for jumpers and woolly hats, and rabbits don't mind it either - they have big woolly jumpers on too! However, they will still completely rely on you to provide food, bedding hay and water so don't forget to visit them at least twice a day.

Make sure your rabbits don't get cold in the winter months

Key Things To Remember In Winter:


Water freezes when it gets cold. The water bottle in the Eglu is insulated from the cold, but if it is extremely nippy then there is still a chance it could freeze. Check it is working everyday. A good idea for the winter is to have a spare water bottle so that instead of filling the old one up you can simply swap it with a full one. This way, the rabbits have an opportunity to drink and you are less likely to crack their bottle when trying to break the ice!


Don't be surprised by your rabbits eating more in the chilly months. They are using up lots of extra energy to keep warm. Keep an eye on their weight though to make sure that they aren't pretending to shiver when you are about so that they get extra treats!


Unlike other houses, the Eglu will keep your rabbits nice and warm in the winter because it’s the only house that has all-round insulation. Make sure that there is always plenty of clean bedding. If it does get very cold, you should bring your rabbits inside.

Check out our top tips for keeping your rabbits warm in the winter.

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