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Rabbit Care

Rabbits need daily care and attention from their owners, but happily this never feels like a chore. It’s a good chance to interact with your pets and enjoy their company. Each day, you will need to feed your rabbits twice, check their water bottle, check that they are healthy and clean, and clean the lavatory section of their hutch. With some breeds, you may also need to allocate some time to grooming them each day, too. Less frequently, you will need to give them thorough health checks, groom them, and clean out the hutch and run.

Caring for your rabbits involves lots of fun bonding activities

This section of the guide provides some basic information on rabbit care that we expand on in more detail in other sections, such as on in our illness pages, and in our food section. We recommend you read this thoroughly before you move on to any of the more in-depth sections - especially if you are new to rabbit ownership!

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