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Rabbit Hutches

If you have outdoor rabbits, your pets will spend the vast majority of their lives in their enclosure, so be sure to get them a good one! Most owners choose to use a hutch that has a run attached, as rabbits are quite large pets who need a lot of space to run around in. Getting a hutch-run combo saves you from transferring your rabbits from one place to another several times a day, and gives your rabbits more freedom in terms of where they choose to spend their time.

The Eglu is perfect for keeping rabbits

Even if you have an indoor rabbit, they will still need a hutch - a place of their very own. This will be their base, the place that they sleep and a safe area that they can run to if they get scared or nervous. Human houses can be pretty frightening places for a rabbit, and they’ll appreciate having somewhere to bolt to.

There are a variety of hutches to choose from, and whether you opt for a modern or more traditional option is up to you. We have information on both on here, as well as stocking our ever-popular Eglu, a modern hutch specially designed for rabbits.

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