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Wood Pigeon (Columba Palumbus)


This is the UK's most common and largest pigeon, it is mainly grey with white neck and wing patches which are visible in flight and can reach 44cm in length. They have pink colouring on their breast. These bird can become tame and approachable in towns and cities and is not often found in the countryside. It's familiar call is often heard in woodland, along with the loud beating of it's wings when it flies away.

The females lays 2 eggs in the nest which is usually found in trees. Incubation is around 17 - 19 days with the young leaving the nest approximately 30 - 34 days later. Both parents look after the young and the males can become quite aggressive with each other during the breeding season. They usually produce 2 broods per year.


The Wood Pigeon is found across the UK in woods, fields, towns and cities where they frequent parks, gardens and other areas. They are classed as an agricultural pest and more wood pigeons are shot than any other type in the UK.

Breed Details

  • Status: Common
  • Life Expectancy: 3 years

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