Stop Your Chickens Flying Away

Wing Clippins

Wing Clipping

To prevent your chickens from flying away and exploring the neighbourhood when you let them out, you should do some wing clipping. This involves trimming the primary feathers on one wing, in order to make take-off an unbalanced affair.

Only trim the primary feathers as the others provide necessary insulation. To see how far back you can trim the feathers without hurting the chicken, hold the feathers up to the light and you will see where the bloodvessels start in the shafts of the feathers. As a rule, no further than 6cm of feather should be removed.

Be sure to clip the wings again each time the chicken moults!

This is a service we provide when we deliver your chickens. Please note that if you are in doubt about how to do this please consult your local vet.

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Martin, 5 January 2012

Very good & easy advice as are all your tips

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