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Different Droppings

You can learn a lot from your chicken's droppings! Here are some examples of what they might look like and what the different appearances mean:

The first image shows a good solid healthy dropping - nothing to worry about here.

When the chicken is young and starting to lay, occasionally an egg will not form correctly and this is passed by the chicken and looks like a wet, yellow dropping. See the second image.

The third image is nothing to worry about either probably just a spot of diarrhoea often caused by the chicken over indulging on slugs and worms.

Customer Images

Cecal poo
Chicken droppings often have a white peak
Chicken droppings come in all different shapes and sizes!


Alison, 16 September 2020

One of my 4 Bantams has large (egg sized) soft droppings. It could be the older former broody hen the others are 17 weeks old and I’m changing them onto layers mash. They are on fresh grass as I have a moveable electric fence. They all appear well. Should I be concerned about the large faecal ball?

Emma, 22 July 2012

Don't forget that often the first sign of roundworm infection is yellow diarrhoea. It might be more than over indulging in slugs or worms ( a common source of roundworm infection) if it persists.

Alice, 10 November 2011

Thank you very helpful :) (still would never have thought I would be looking up chicken poo, the things my girls make me do!) lol

Mel, 12 September 2011

Just started to keep chickens and noticed some runny droppings so this info really useful

Jennifer, 4 August 2011

Just the information I was looking for having bought 2 new hens with one at point of lay producing a few droppings similar to picture 2. I am reassured that all is natural and well. Thank you. I just love the Omlet website.