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Making Your Chickens Feel Welcome!

We make the journey as comfortable as possible when we deliver your chickens, travelling in a spacious straw lined box with a good book to read they hardly ever ask "are we there yet?". However, it can still be a little disorientating for them to be lifted out of the box and find themselves in Brixton, Birmingham or by the sea in Brighton.

Children love their first introduction to their new chickens
Children love their first introduction to their new chickens

There are several things you can do to make your new arrivals feel at home in your garden straight away.

  1. You can give their energy levels a real boost by feeding them marmite on toast (or bread). Marmite is packed full of B-Vitamins and is good for chickens and humans alike. A slice on the first day for your two hens will keep the vet away. You can keep feeding them this as a routine, about once a week.

  2. Introduce your other pets slowly. Chickens get on great with dogs and cats, but it is best to wait a day or so until they are settled, before introducing them to the chickens.

  3. Finally, try mixing some pro-biotic yoghurt in with their layers mash (see the feeding section) to create a kind of porridge. This does wonders for their digestive systems and helps them overcome the stresses and strains of moving home.

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a purple go with a run in a garden matching the flowers
Introducing old to new


Sharon, 2 July 2015

Fantastic tips!

An Omleteer, 26 May 2014

yes, my new arrivals loved the marmite on tiast!

Margaret, 21 July 2011

Very interesting. I'm surprised about the marmite.