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Katy, 19 February 2020

I used diatomacous powder in and around my chickens cages a few had mites and did not have anything else to use. Could this had been the cause for one of my hen 3 days after I laid the powder to die?? Theirs not other obvious sign of death.

Carol, 23 October 2019

A few of my chock have lost their feathers around bottom ?cause

Flower, 12 October 2019

Thanks for sharing these blossoms and food. I learned something new and we will keep these in mind. We love our doggo, he is our hero of our family for protecting us, and we need to protect him as well.

Elain, 4 June 2019

Do you think its safe and wise to add sugar to my broiler water to help them gain weight?

Smb, 21 April 2019

any suggestion to help my friends pet chicken that may have salt poisoning. She was accidentally given tortilla chips by a friend a 2 days ago and now she has not been herself today. Very quiet , doesn't follow me and is just standing and sleeping.

Sandra, 1 March 2019

Chooks love styrofoam and it does not seem to do any immediate harm. However, it might build up in their system and cause damage in the long term. I would remove it. Their eggs might also be risky to eat.

Shoshanah, 10 February 2019

Is it possible for washed fresh spinach leaves and stems to kill roosters? All three died one day after eating these.

Darold, 7 February 2019

I have bantam chickens , I lined the in side of my shed with whit styrafome , and they have been eating it , was wondering if it would harm them

Bryony, 17 December 2018

We have lost two of our hens in two days and don’t know why. There is a fig tree in their run and it looks as though the hens might have been pecking the leaves. We have also recently put ‘grit’ in their run as they are not free rangers.

Suzanne, 31 October 2018

We have a wisteria climber in our chook yard. The chickens roost in it during the day, it gives shade in the warmer months and warmth when the leaves have dropped over cooler months. I understand its toxic to domestic animals, but have not seen adverse effects to our chickens. Please advise.

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