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Zain, 7 May 2020

Hi, I have a question. Info Parrots

Theresa, 13 February 2020

How can I help my IRN with molting, he really takes strain for a while ,looks sad ,looks terrible, won’t let me hold him (he is very tame) is there a tonic or something that can help him with this process. He is 20/+ years old as I adopted him 6 years ago.and the previous owner had him about 15 yrs but before that he was a stray in their garden.hope you can give me some advice.

Hafsana, 1 February 2020

What is the quantity of pellets can I gave to my small African green parrot???

Dave, 7 January 2020

In the comments on fruit you fail to take in that my wife when mixing up the mushy feeds uses a range of other stuff and that parrots who don't like food ... chuck it.

Dave, 7 January 2020

Thank you for the information. It was what I needed as I will pass it over to my wife who has kept birds for 40 years. I was just curious on whether I could use Chinese Veg?

Sue, 4 September 2019

What thirdly to be cooked for the birds What vegetables need to be cooked and what vegetables and do not need to be cooked and is sweet potatoes need to be cooked or nuts cooked I like that question

Brian, 8 April 2019

Do you need to cook the sweet potatoes? Or just chop up raw?