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Can You Introduce New Gerbils?

Introducing new gerbils to one another is tricky, but in some situations it needs to be done. For example, if you have a gerbil on its own then it will need to be introduced to a friend, as they can’t live properly on their own. However, if you’re trying to introduce a gerbil to an established group, then this probably isn’t a good idea.

can you introduce gerbils
Introducing a new gerbil is the right thing to do if you only have one

1. Introducing two gerbils to one another

If you have a lone gerbil, then you will need to introduce it and begin keeping it with another gerbil in order for it to be happy. Gerbils are extremely social creatures who need to live with at least one member of their own species. For more information on introducing gerbils, have a look at our ‘How To Introduce Gerbils’ page.

2. Introducing a gerbil to an existing group

It’s best not to introduce a gerbil to an existing group. It can be very difficult, if not impossible, for the lone gerbil to successfully integrate with the others. In the wild, strange gerbils in a group’s burrow would not be taken to well.

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Estrella, 12 May 2020