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Rabbits Love to Play!

The key to providing your rabbits with a stimulating day is to vary their surroundings. A great way of doing this is to put toys in their run. These don't have to be bought; you can use things that you already have at home. Rabbits like to hide, climb and chew, so below are some suggestions. For more inspiration, have a look at the Toy Section of this guide, or browse our Rabbit Toy Shop.

Rabbit toys provide your pets with a bit of much-needed variety

Cardboard Box

It may seem simple, but as with small children the box the toy comes in is often more exciting than the toy itself! It handily provides your rabbit with something to chew on as well as something to hide in.


Drainage pipes and cardboard tubes make great toys for rabbits. They whizz through them, hide in them and will even reverse out of them if they meet something coming the other way!

Chews and Gnaws

These items not only provide good stimulation for your pets, but have the added benefit of providing something for them to wear down their teeth on. For more information on chews and gnaws, have a look at our Toy Section.

Unsuitable Objects

Avoid giving your rabbits any sharp objects or things they could get trapped in.

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Margret, 7 November 2012

great advice cud do with some more detail though x