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Keeping Your Rabbit's Nails in Check

Like its teeth, a rabbit's nails grow remarkably quickly. Nails will need trimming around once every two months. How long you can leave them depends strongly on how much your rabbit is able to wander around and dig in the garden. A simple guide is to make sure that your rabbit's nails don't stick out beyond the fur.

If you're not very confident, it may be wise to get a vet or veterinary nurse to show you first

How To Trim Their Nails

You (an adult) need to trim the nails back to half a centimetre from the quick. The quick is the pink fleshy part inside the nail. With most nails you can actually see this fleshy part, but it can be harder to see in darker nails. Be very careful as you do it - keep your rabbit as still as possible and only take off a millimetre or so at a time. If you take off too much and cut a blood vessel, your rabbit’s foot will bleed. If this does happen and it doesn’t look too serious, you can use a bit of cotton wool to apply a little pressure.

Going To The Vet

If you are not confident in performing nail trimming, then don’t worry. A vet will be happy to trim nails for a small fee, and if you watch carefully then you may be able to do it yourself next time!

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