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Choosing a Budgie

As with any pet, you need to do your research before buying. The first investigations are more to do with you than the bird itself. Why do you want the bird? Who will look after it, clean it, and talk to it? Have you kept a pet bird before? Do you have a suitable location for it, away from direct sunlight, draughts and steamy kitchens?

Once you’ve sorted this out, you can start thinking about the bird itself. Read a good guide (you’re reading the best one right now, so that’s a good start!), and, if you can, talk to other owners or breeders first, in person or in online forums. Build up a bit of expertise before choosing your pet.

When making your choice, don’t be dazzled by colour. It’s all too easy to find one particular budgie more attractive than the others based on its plumage, but there are far more important things to base your choice on, including age, personality and gender. A bird with the ‘perfect plumage’ who happens to be old, shy and female, isn’t going to be that extrovert, talkative, adaptable bird you were hoping for.

Hen budgie in a cage
A light green hen budgie

Read the following paragraphs on choosing a baby budgie, check out the budgie keeping section below, and make sure you have everything ready for the arrival of your birds.

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