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Budgie Keeping

There’s no point embarking on any kind of pet-keeping half-heartedly. Budgies are relatively easy pets to look after, but that doesn’t mean you can just bring one home and then forget about it. The bird will require daily feeding, lots of attention and regular cleaning.

cock and hen together in a cage
Keeping your birds happy

Keeping Your Budgie Happy

Other sections of this guide go into more detail, but these are the basic requirements for happy birds:

  • A suitably sized, well designed and regularly cleaned cage in a warm room (or an aviary with an enclosed area for roosting)
  • A well-balanced and varied diet
  • Fresh, clean water for drinking and bathing
  • Cage and cage accessories for comfort and stimulation
  • A stress-free environment (no predatory cats, no all-night lights, no children prodding things into the cage, etc)
  • Company – other budgies, or just you (and a mirror for those times when you’re not able to interact with your pet)
  • Space to fly

Customer Images

two blue and white budgies stood on a wooden perch
Budgies in cage
a green and a yellow budgie stood on a wooden perch inside a cage
a green and yellow budgie stood in a cage
Baby budgies


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