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Bringing a Budgie Home

You’ve pondered, you’ve chosen, you’ve purchased, and now you have to transport the bird back to your place. Ideally the journey from supplier to home should be as short as possible – if you’re able to source healthy budgies close to where you live, choose that option rather than the breeder who you’ve seen recommended online, but who lives several counties away.

Budgie Transport Box

When you buy a budgie, it will have to be transported home in a box. This is preferable to a cage, as the box will be dark and the bird will feel relatively secure. A budgie in a cage, even if the cage is covered, will tend to flap around in panic and will, at the very least, be very stressed and exhausted at the end of the journey, or may even injure itself.

A close up of a bloodhound incredible stern face
A box custom-made for carrying small animals

Breeders and pet shops will usually supply a small purpose-made transport box; although a normal shoe box, with lid secured and with holes enabling the bird to breathe, will do the job too. Make sure there’s something on the bottom of the box – a small towel or flannel is good – to stop the budgie sliding around.

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Sonia, 17 January 2024

Hi, how long can I keep my new budgie in box when transporting it from shop to my home, I live 20 minutes away from shop will that be too long a journey?

Esme, 7 January 2018

Thanks! I have been looking at getting a bird but the breeder is 40 mins from my home. I thought that I had to spend £10 on a carrier I will probably never use again.