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Recapturing an Escaped Budgie

If your budgie manages to escape from his cage before he’s properly finger-trained, you may have problems getting him back inside. There are even greater headaches if the bird manages to abscond from an outdoor aviary, or finds a window you forgot to close and high-tails it that way. Indoors, you will recapture the budgie eventually, and the main problem lies in minimising his stress. Outdoors, there are far greater difficulties, and no guarantee of recapturing the bird.

Budgie Net

A budgie-catching net is not something you want to use unless absolutely necessary. It’s handy if an aviary bird needs isolating for some reason (for transporting to the vet, for example), and also if a bird has escaped and won’t return to the cage without drastic intervention.

You can buy bird-catching nets in online stores, and you can also use a soft towel or pillowcase for capturing him. The advantage of the net is that it comes on the end of a long stick, so you can catch the bird while you’re some distance away from it.

No matter how tame your bird, and no matter how many times he’s been netted, the process will be stressful for him, so never use a net routinely – only in emergency situations such as an escape.

budgie perched on books
Once he's out, you need to get your budgie back in

Holding a Budgie

If your budgie has been netted or caught in a towel, you will need to extract him with your hand. This requires a little expertise, but is quite straightforward.

Remove the bird from the net by gripping him in your hand. Put your middle and index fingers on either side of his head and tuck your thumb, third finger and little finger around his sides and underneath him. Don’t squeeze, but hold him firmly enough to prevent fluttering or head-shaking (which will only heighten his sense of panic). Make soothing sounds, and return him gently to the cage./p>

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