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Show Budgies

Budgies bred for shows and exhibitions are often referred to as English Budgies (see Budgie Varieties, above). In general, the birds are at the large end of the budgie scale, often with emphasis on feather features such as crests or tufts. As with any animal show, judges are looking for the most perfect versions of the various types of budgies.

Yellow budgie perching
Lutino budgie ready for the show

Exhibition Budgies

Successful show birds are placid and accustomed to noise, travel, lots of activity beyond the confines of the cage, and lots of other budgies. Any bird excitable, nervous or noisy bird will not thrive in the show environment (and will certainly not be scooping any prizes).

If you want to exhibit budgies, speak to an experienced breeder, who can ensure that you buy suitable birds.

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An Omleteer, 17 February 2019

help me!!! my budgie is eating half her 4-egg clutch and just threw one at her mate covered him with "EGG-WATER" ( as my children call it, ) :l ;l :D okay it's kinda funny and the chick landed on his face but still sad. i put the other egg in incubator WHY IS MOM BUDGIE DONIG THIS!?!?!

Raja, 26 October 2018

I have small budges setup at my place and I want buy pair of exhibition budges. If you can help me let me know I'm waiting your replay.