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Budgie Aviary

If you want to keep several budgies, or a mixed flock of birds, an outdoor aviary is ideal. You will be able to give the birds lots of space, and they will enjoy the benefits of fresh air and sunlight. An aviary can be a custom-made structure, free-standing or lean-to, or a converted outbuilding such as a shed.

An aviary for budgies, cockatiels and finches

Most aviaries are permanent homes for their owner’s birds, but some function as outdoor exercise areas or summerhouses only, with birds confined indoors in the colder months. If this is the arrangement you have in mind, you will need to get the birds in and out of their temporary lodgings, and will probably have to use a net to catch and transfer them back indoors.

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Jane, 26 August 2019

This comment is addressing the comment made by David, Oct. 2018. Whenever I see someone wishing to breed more birds I cannot help but become saddened by this. Please try to understand that I truly mean no disrespect to you. The breeding of pets for whatever reason, spins off into so many misguided directions that all too often will lead to places like shelters, rescues or worse, euthanasia. If practical legislation that served the rights of animals, were enacted, maybe I wouldn't be sending this commentary, but none exists that I'm aware of. Responsible shelters & rescues are at least trying to take the surplus millions of animals & birds in their care be adopted to responsible people to give them a "forever" home. They do reasonable background work all in the interest of that animal to make sure it will not be dumped again. The sad reality David, is that many bred & pet shop animals will find themselves dumped at a shelter, which is why I'm urging you to separate your bird community (females in one cage, males the other). If you were doing this for income then I say please stop putting these birds to work for you. Ask yourself, can you honestly put time in to do background checks on the people you intend on selling these birds to? Can't you just love your birds for their own sake without breeding them?

Annem, 22 June 2019

I have seven budgies in an outside aviary in Sydney. It’s winter time now but the aviary is insulated so it’s warm. There are Budgie boxes for them if they want to use them and perches up high for them to keep out of the cold. I’m wondering why they choose to sleep on the aviary mesh where it’s cold. I’ve just checked on them it’s 6am and the first time I’ve seen them do this. Is this a sign of any problem?

Imama, 26 March 2019

my father bought 6 pairs of budgies after 1 or 2 week my 1 budgie died and after that second one ....its the most sad thing that ever to me....why did they die??? their cage is inside our home...and we provide them food water all basic needs .........i want to know ...why this happen??? thanks!!!

Praneeth, 20 February 2019

Hey .. thanks for the great info ....! I have got a problem ..one of my female bird have laying eggs ..it's her 3 egg after that the pot was fallen from top n broken ...bt the eggs r safe ..so I transfer the eggs in a new pot n kept inside the care after that the female layed another egg ...now their r 4 eggs ....bt I mother of that eggs is NT even sitting on them r touching them ....I am dam upset abt this ...can I plz know y the female bird is NT sitting on the eggs

David, 12 October 2018

Hello , I hope I can get help. I have a 6 * 6 feet size cage ( i more call it aviary) I have 4 pairs of budgies in it. However, they are around 8 months or less than 10 months old. one day i saw them mating and I have observed that one of the female have laid her first egg from the perch or from corners and the egg broke I was no upset as i only knew they lay eggs after they mature or more than 10 months old. As I have observed that they started to lay eggs I have made sure that I install 4 pots so that this wont repeat. But after 2 days another budgie lays her egg the same way and broke it ( i saw the egg at the bottom of the cage broken) Its a sad moment because this is the first time I am observing something like this and this repeated and i have a total of 5 eggs broken. Late I have cleaned and was depressed and I have observed that on the edges of the cage I have seen yolk dried and stuck to the clay pt which I have used as breeding pot. So is this anything which happens when they are in a big cage with all the birds may be the other birds are not willing to let it breed. Or do I have to transfer them into individual breeding cage.

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