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Compare Your Eggs to Commercial Eggs

When you buy eggs, what does Class 1 mean? The different classes denote different egg sizes as follows.

James McPherson's hens lay all sorts of sized eggs
James McPherson's hens lay all sorts of sized eggs

Traditional Sizes

Weight (g)
 0  >75
 70 - 75
 65 - 70
 3  60 - 65
 4  55 - 60
 50 - 55
 6  45 - 50
 7  <45

Modern Sizes

Weight (g)
 Very Large (XL)  >73
 Large (L)
 63 - 73
 Medium (M)
 53 - 63
 Small (S)  <53

Why Do My Chickens Sometimes Lay Tiny Eggs?

You may find a really small egg. This is caused by a foreign object taking the place of a yolk in the egg laying process.

Customer Images

Comparing eggs
Eggs from my girls
Bantam, Cochin, Sex Link, & Barred Rock
Wind egg laid by my white leghorn
Lovely coloured eggs from my rescued girls
Varying sizes of eggs from 3 of my ex battery girls
6 beautiful eggs
Lots of eggs
A really large egg next to a smaller egg
Three eggs in an egg box - one is a double yolker.
Eggs with dates and weights on them.
A set of pretty chickens perching on a garden bench.
Enjoying my tiny breakfast.
A range of egg sizes - from large to small.
Two eggs in egg cups
Three eggs
6 Eggs in a eggbox
Hand and egg


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