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Not Just Good for Eating

  • Turn them into delicious things to eat - Have a look in the recipe section for ways to cook an egg. Eggs are an essential ingredient in cakes, omelettes, quiches and meringues to name but a few of our favourite things.

  • Improve your hand-to-eye co-ordination with an egg and spoon race - Great fun, remember to hard boil them if you don't want to risk losing any.

  • Paint the shells of blown eggs - To blow an egg, make a small hole at both ends with a needle and then blow as hard as you can into one of the holes, the egg will come out of the other end. You can use felt tips, watercolour paints, crayons or food colour to paint the shell. Try hanging several up together to make a mobile.

  • Roll them down hills - If you are having a picnic have a competition to see who can catch the egg as it rolls down the hill.

  • Grow mustard or cress - This is really easy and tasty too! Next time you have a soft boiled egg don't throw the shell away, fill it with cotton wool and sprinkle some cress or mustard seeds on top. Water and then cover until the seeds have germinated (started growing). Then just leave on a window sill until you have a mini egg garden.

  • Play a trick on someone - When you have finished your boiled egg, turn it over and carefully put it back in the egg cup - it looks just like a new boiled egg!

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