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Do Chickens Lay Eggs Every Day?

No chicken lays eggs every day of the year all year round. Although some breeds are better at laying than others. The average hen will lay around 270 eggs per year.

The Australorps breed can manage around 320 eggs a year. The Ancona, Favaucana and Rhode Island Red are the other top layers. You can expect an average of five eggs a week from these breeds.

 A Rhode Island Red
A Rhode Island Red - one of the top layers

Hens usually start laying eggs at around 6 months old. These younger chickens, note, will lay smaller eggs at larger intervals than the fully adult birds, before their bodies fully develop (about after a year).

It takes 26 hours for an egg to develop, so hens cannot lay each day (except for some abnormally productive individuals). To do so would be physically challenging for the hen. Always make sure your birds have a fortified chicken feed - they need a lot of calcium to produce all those eggs while maintaining their own bones too.

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