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How Many Years Do Chickens Lay Eggs For?

Chickens stop laying eggs once they reach a certain age - usually four or five. In practice, what happens is that as the hen gets older she gradually lays fewer eggs, until it’s down to one a week, or even more infrequent. The chicken will die of natural causes between four and eight years, depending on the breed.

 chickens lay eggs for three to four years
Chickens will give you at least three years of consistent laying

Factories and farms usually keep chickens for just two years, as this is when they lay the most. However, this does not mean that the hens stop after two years. If you keep chickens, keep a lookout for local ads offering ex-battery hens. These will still have a year or two of good egg-laying in them, and you will be providing a happy ending for a factory farmed bird.

Do Hens Lay Eggs Every Day?

Hens lay almost every day for around 2 years, once they have started (at around 7 months old). After these two years your chicken will start laying fewer eggs per week, down to 3-4, and, as time passes, decreasing to one a week, and eventually one a month, and then none at all.

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