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Are Brown Eggs Better Than White Eggs?

Simple question, simple answer - No!

Eggshell colour has absolutely nothing to do with taste or quality. The reason brown eggs came to dominate in UK markets, grocers and supermarkets in the 1970s was due to the fact that brown eggs sold better than white. This was partly to do with marketing, partly to do with folklore. Eventually, all commercially produced eggs were from hens who produced brown shells.

 brown and white chicken eggs
The colour of chicken eggs has nothing to do with their taste or quality

Taste and quality in eggs is all about health and diet. Too much bitter cabbage in the hens’ diet will cause bitterness in the flavour of the yolks. Onions and garlic will taint the taste too.

Lots of grass, dandelions and fresh edible green veg will enhance flavour, and will also produce a wonderful orange-yellow yolk. If your yolks are pale and unappetising, it’s nothing to do with shell colour - it’s simply a lack of greenery in the hens’ diets.

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