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Comments for Feeding And Watering Your Chickens

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Leah, 30 April 2020

At what age can pullets free range

Thuocgavip, 18 October 2019

Awesome article! !! Very VERY informative! Awesome information! ! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge when you don’t have to! Thank you! thuoc ga da

Baby, 3 September 2019

From hatching to one week how many food do they need to feed per chicken

Holloway, 13 August 2019

Don't throw away your prawn shells! Chooks and ducks luuuuv prawn shells!!

Paul, 27 July 2019

Stone grits

Džermina, 21 June 2019

From what is made chicken pellets?

Joy, 14 June 2019

Very interesting

Haliegh, 3 April 2019

Thanks! This is a lot of help we are going to start chickens in a little while. we are building our own coop! and we are new to this all so y'all have been a big help!

Gill, 19 January 2019

Mealworms - I read that Owners are giving their chickens dried mealworms but I understand that DEFRA banned the feeding of these as they are imported and suppliers can not determine they are safe to go into our food chain. I think it makes absolute sense. Wild birds yes but not poultry producing eggs for human consumption. Do others agree?

Ronald, 9 December 2018

Hii Ronald here .I would like to get some advice .My chickens have hatched and is about two months old .The problem is they are walking with my bigger chickens and likes eating the bigfer chickens laying pellets .Should i rather keep them in an seperate cage and feed them there or should i let them eat with the others

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