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Comments for How Can You Tell If Your Chicken Has Worms?

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Penny, 9 July 2021

Vern-x is not a worming product. Omlet should not be advising it as one . It can be used for intestinal health . It creates an environment that worms don’t particularly like but it can not kill worms .

Martha, 2 July 2021

How hard is it to get rid of those worms my rooster has the I just got them about a week ago

Anna, 15 October 2019

Well my I have 3 chickens so 2 chickens are laying there fit n healthy but one isn’t laying an I don’t know could worms stop her laying

Alistair, 6 October 2019

Morning all, We have a Seabright hen who is really ill: laying on her side/collapsing, eating like a ruddy horse but losing SO much weight and some feathers, and pooping for England and her colonies. Can anyone tell me what this is please? Is it Gape worm/Worms? Any suggestions would be gratefully received as we are relatively new to keeping hens. Thank you so much everyone.

Frank, 3 September 2019

I would appreciatr all the help i can get n all the knowledge to know about raise hen egg laying chickens period...i am a first timer n just bought baby chicken which are now 5 weeks old.....thank you .aMr n Mrs Frank n Patricia Anderson

Catherine, 3 September 2019

Can worms be found in cooked chicken? I have found what appear to be worms in thighs two different times

Wendy, 26 August 2019

Hi, I think you should mention here that by far the easiest way to worm your hens is by feeding them with layers pellets that are already medicated with Flubenvet. Marriage's do one, but other companies are also on the market. You just feed the hens on this exclusively for 7 days, no measuring, no mixing, job done!

Ashley, 21 July 2019

Hi, does anyone know if verm x can treat gapeworm? Thankyou

Annette, 26 June 2019

Thank you, that was helpful. We do move them on to different grass areas all the time and i have Verm-X.

Kehinde, 6 June 2019

Gapeworm is new to me and this piece enlightened me as a farmer...when we observe gasping in the air we always take that as CRD disease ,so this piece is very informative. Thanks team..

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