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Christine, 20 February 2020

I have to white finchies one male and one female can you put a bugie in the same cage or not

Teresa, 16 August 2019

I have a pet sparrow, due to it being raised from 7 days old and not wanting to leave. Can I put another bird in the large cage for company? If yes, any suggestions as to what bird?

Melissa, 14 July 2019

I have a male orange weaver finch and can’t find a female one anywhere.Is there any other breed of finch or bird I can get so he’s not alone anymore

Dean, 1 July 2019

I'm building an aviary in my spare room that's going to be 6ft x 6ft x 3ft. I'm thinking about putting 5 pairs of finches in it and was wandering if I could mix zebra finches with plum headed and chestnut breasted munias or gouldians? Any advice appreciated, thanks.

Elizabeth, 17 May 2019

Can 1 female canary live successfully with 2 female society finches

Jennifer, 22 February 2019

I have a lonely male Lady Goudain Finch and am finding it hard to find him a mate. Can someone recommend what bird would make him happy. The cage is large Thank you

Carol, 19 January 2019

Hiya, got a question ! I have a single female bourke parakeet, she has a huge cage (and is getting a even bigger upgrade soon) would it be possible to give her a friend like a single bengalese finch? And if so male or female ? Thanks !

Tanya, 10 January 2019

I've kept a single female Zebra finch. She bonded to me and would fly to greet me when I came home. She always wanted to sit on my shoulder and cuddle up to my neck. She would also answer me when I talked to her. She laid the cutest little eggs. I paid her a lot of attention and she lived happily with me for 6 years.

Amy, 8 December 2018

Hi, I'm new to finches and was wondering if I could keep a male and female canary with two society finches. The cage is 37" wide. Can I introduce them all at The same time? Thanks, Amt

Stan, 8 October 2018

The soil floor seems a good idea,but it could do with a wire-netting or twilweld base under it ,or RATS will eventually dig through and take your birds. Ive lost Peach faced lovebirds to rats in a similar setup.In the UK your seldom more than 20 feet from a rat!

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