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Myhomegrocers, 24 March 2021

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Rev, 20 May 2020

May be the strawberries.i dkn how ever our Canary's and Finches love our chop.ive heard if you put a strawberry in salt water bugs/ small worm like creatures crawls out.try it may be that's what your birds are seeing that we caint.just a thought

Joe, 17 April 2020

Just started with 2 Zebra finches which bred 5 females and one male which I went to separate and gave them all different partners as I did not want the young ones to breed among themselves as they from 1 set off parents.And now have got me Goudinian Finches which colours are adorable would like any advice to make them Extremely Happy

Bob, 8 April 2020

Very helpful but I feed my finch peanuts! Opps.

Charlene, 6 August 2019

Regarding the birds in the aviary that aren't moving. I would first think that they've been startled by a hawk. When a hawk comes around, after flying to safety, my birds wouldn't be budged for anything. :)

Riyaz, 3 August 2019

My finches lose all its hair near its leg I have given them nutritional liquid mix along with cage insect spray is there any way to stop that?

Merrilyn, 22 May 2019

I have an outdoor loft with about 20 finches. I've been feeding them fresh vegies and fruit along with their seed, and am always rushed by them when they see me carrying the white plate with the fresh cut food. Today none of them moved as I entered the loft and put the plate down for them. I went out and watched them for a minute or two and saw no action whatever. I checked on them 30 minutes, and an hour later and still no response to the plate of fresh micro greens and watermelon. Are they sensing something I'm unaware of, or? Their behavior is so bizarre, especially since not one of them ventured towards the food, and they're usually allover it. I'd appreciate any insights you may have. Thanks so much.

Janet, 25 April 2019

Hi, My orange breasted finch just laid 2 eggs so far since yesterday. You can give your finch protein rich types of food as she needs it otherwise she will be egg bound. Try to hand crush the egg shells but offer this separately to the crushed hard boiled egg, make sure not running yolk. They would benefit from live food such as fruit fly larva maggots or mealworms and small crickets. My finch is tiny in size being African finch so I had to have those caterpillar forms from moths or weevils. My finch enjoys cucumber seeds, but you could try silver beet leaves. Finches are mainly seed eaters so make sure you give good quality seeds as they would not touch the poor quality ones. They enjoy millets white and red panicums due to sweeter taste though lower in nutritional value. They also eat millet sprays but my ones not eating much. My finches are in cage indoor due to the cold weather where I live. I tried to give my finches many different types of fruits and vegetables but they don't seem to eat much variety. Fruits and veggies should make up around 40-50% of their diet. Try and see how you go. Note that most finches would not raise their young without live food and if you decide to rear them yourself would,be very hectic job. Some finch breeders have been giving them frozen pinkie maggots but they get too mashy and go yuck afterwards. So I would not try frozen food. Some were successful in raising them with seeds and vegies but i have in place weevil eggs and moth eggs and some live caterpillar forms. My finch been eating 4 a day for 2 days then stopped. They don't eat every day but some do. Note that even if they lay eggs does not mean they are all fertile especially if the male is inexperienced. My male finch took more than 20 times to get it right over few days. But he does it straight after she just laid her egg so more chance to get it fertile and she can store it up to 16 days. I done lots of researches on finches and watched many YouTube's as I'm new myself and I have many different types of birds indoor. So best of luck and enjoy your finches. Try go onto the finches club rad their questions and answers. You learn heaps from experts.

Dave, 17 March 2019

Can i give fresh fruit to avery if canaries in with finches

Sheetal, 26 February 2019

Hi! I'm a new finch owner.i got them a fortnight ago.but they trying to build nest n trying to settle down.i live in india.can I give them hard boiled eggs with a little plain biscuits crumbled together? Please suggest..n what else can I give them for them to have good quality eggs and babies. Is there some medicine?

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