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Krishna, 1 October 2019

My jumbo finches has white spots in her eye . She is weak. Wat is the treatment ?

Rishikeshsingh, 15 September 2019

Guys problems related to feathers give them ultra feather drops mixed in seed and also give some drops of vitamin and immune booster and last but not least calcium if birds have diarrhea try birds antibiotics feed them with little syringe without needle and also give little bit of liver tonic continue this for a week and 75% sure you will get satisfactory results bird will be fine.If not then go for vet.

Linda, 10 September 2019

My canary all of a sudden will not stay on his perch. Please help. I've only had him 2 years but he's never done this before.

Maria, 11 July 2019

My canary has lost his feathers since two months ago and have not grown them up yet.He still eats well and also sings.Can you please help me how can I help my bird,thanks

Cherie, 9 July 2019

Hello im concerned about my malr Canary he started off by loosing his balance off perch then noticed he banged one his eyes so was sure it healed but done this again he started not going on his perch and ive moved all his seed mirrors near floor so better for him he is eating still but resting alot i have had hin over 10 years now but just wondered is there anything i can do such as drops for his eyes if sore or anything that may support him his eye did heal but as he stumbles this may happen again

Suzanne, 23 June 2019

Hi my red factor canary is doing poorly. He lost some feathers just above his beak. Then it scabs a yellowy white scab. I gently lifted it off once and put an anti fungal ointment on it. But did not repeat due to it stressing him out. I then started adding Quikon Med to his food. But it has returned. Not sure what this is. Pls help if u can. Thankyou.

Dee, 12 June 2019

Hi we brought a new finch as one of our two died apparently she as we think it female is only about a year old , we have had her two to three weeks but yesterday she showing signs as if she having a seizure she eats then flops to one side then back to normal this happens often I took to vet but found nothing obvious she went in the bath then flopped to one side then recovers really not sure what going on please help

Donald, 9 June 2019

My canary continues to eat well, but does not sing or perch any more. She lost her feathers starting in February and it seems they just will not grow back. She also has some type of issue just above her beak that looks like maybe it has discharge. We feed her well, give her fresh water, but she does not seem to improve. Any thoughts about what else we could try?

Maria, 31 May 2019

Melissa you might want to have your finch checked out by your vet, we hat a female zebra finch a couple weeks ago and we bought it from pets mart they told us she was a baby we brought her home and she was sleeping a lot we thought it was normal because she was a baby, she only lasted a week with us and found her dead in her nest one morning. My kids were so sad and since they have 14 days to bring them back in case something happens or whatever reason I did i took the dead bird bach to the store and told them what had happened and that she was sleeping a lot. They told me that that's a sign that something is wrong with them and to have them checked out by your vet.

Sadek, 26 April 2019

I have a Eastern Europian Gold finch he is puffed up all the time he eats good just worried thank you

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