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Fitting a dog into a busy lifestyle

Dog ownership is a big responsibility. And in a world of increasingly packed schedules, learning how to fit a dog into a busy lifestyle requires even more effort. Thankfully, dogs are natural stress reducers so when the hectic schedules get busy, your dog can be the one thing in your life to make things feel better.

Take your dog to work

Many businesses are recognizing the positive impact that dogs have on employee productivity and attitude when allowed in the workplace. So if your dog is relaxed around others, and you’re lucky enough to work for a dog-friendly company, taking Fido to work can have great benefits. Not only will your dog’s social needs be fulfilled, but having four-legged office mates has proven to boost company morale as well.

Did you know that bringing your dog to work can also improve overall health for both of you? Sitting at a desk for hours and hours with no interruptions is not fun, or healthy, for you or your dog. But with Fido by your side, you have an extra excuse to take walk breaks, giving both of you the opportunity to exercise and feel good.

5 ways to make your office fit for dogs

1. Some people are not ‘dog people’ because being around dogs makes them sneeze. So before you bring your best friend into the office, make sure your colleagues are not allergic to dogs.

2. Just as humans need to stay up to date on all vaccinations, it’s important that dogs do, too. Staying current on shots not only keeps your dog healthy, but everyone they are around as well. Dogs can actually carry harmful germs that can cause skin irritations or other illnesses in humans so make sure your office dog is healthy.

3. The first few days at the office can be an adjustment for everyone. If your dog is nervous and wanting to be close by your side, create a specific place where they can feel secure and at ease with a cosy, comfy bolster dog bed by your desk. Other dogs may prefer more of a quiet chill out zone, in which case a sturdy, comfortable dog crate will help to get away from any noise or commotion.

4. Even though your dog will be happy to be with you all day, boredom can still set in. So be sure to have plenty of dog toys at your desk so your dog can stay entertained during those long conference calls.

5. The office water cooler is a great place for quick conversations among colleagues, but what about your dog? By keeping a dog bowl filled with cool water by your desk, they’ll stay hydrated and ‘in the loop’ all day.

Hire a dog walker

So your company doesn’t allow dogs at work and your job keeps you away from home for more than 8 hours a day. How are you supposed to take care of your dog? Consider hiring a dog walker. Like humans, dogs are social animals and being left at home for too long can cause separation anxiety. So to avoid any unwanted stress for either of you, find a trustworthy dog walker who can come once or twice a day to spend some time with your pup. Once you’ve found someone suitable to meet your dog’s needs, equip them with a durable dog lead, dog collar, and instructions so your dog can get busy enjoying their walk.

Schedule bonding time

What if your busy lifestyle isn’t outside of the home but rather inside? You may work remotely or have the constant upkeep of house chores, but your time is still busy and accounted for. As a dog owner working from home, it may seem easy to spend more time with your pup, but the truth is, you still need to make a concerted effort to fit time in with your dog. Just as you schedule specific time for work calls or housework, you can pencil in playtime with your dog. Whether a post-walk lunch date or a mid-afternoon game of fetch, you and your dog will benefit from the scheduled bonding time together.

Omlet dog care

Fitting a dog into your busy lifestyle is not as difficult as it may seem. At Omlet, we believe dogs make our busy lives more fun so that’s why we engineer our products to make the time you spend with your pup more enjoyable. With a little bit of planning and plenty of Omlet dog products, such as dog beds, dog crates, dog leads, and dog toys, you can still be pet parent of the year.

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