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Is A Dog For You?

Everyone that has a dog will tell you how brilliant they are. Who can resist the charm of a puppy, the feeling of success when your dog actually sits when you tell it to, or the over the top tail wagging you get just for walking in through the front door?

However, you need to remember that a dog will typically live for around 10-15 years and is therefore a long-term commitment. So take good measure to think about the cost, time, size of your home and any allergies your family might have, as well as the temperament, size, exercise requirements, life expectancy and common health issues of each breed. You can use our dog directory to help find the best dog breed for you.

Five adorable Golden Retriever puppies having a bath
Five adorable Golden Retriever puppies having a bath

How To Decide...

Here are our top 5 things to consider before deciding that getting a dog is the right thing for you.

  1. You Have A Serious Pet Allergy - You can sometimes manage if you have a mild pet allergy but if you or someone you live with is very allergic to dogs then this is probably not the best idea. Unless you don’t like your allergic housemate, in which case getting a dog is the perfect way to get them to move out.

  2. Finances Are Tight - Dogs love to eat, occasionally need to visit the vet and don’t tend to have well paid jobs and so if you have a tight budget with a limited disposable income then you should give it careful thought. You can learn more about the costs of dog ownership here.

  3. You Want Your House To Be Perfect - Getting a dog will bring lots of hair, dirt and smells into your home. The reality is that you will spend more time cleaning, and if you are particularly house proud then a dog probably isn’t for you.

  4. You’re A Workaholic... and your real home is the office, train or aeroplane. In this case, you need to plan for someone else to walk, feed and look after your dog. Having a job doesn’t mean you can’t keep a dog, but its needs still need to be fulfilled. Read about possible daily routines here.

  5. You Love Puppies But Not So Much When They Grow Up. Most dogs “stop” being a puppy at around 12 months. This means that your pet will be an adult for around 10 times longer than it will be a puppy.

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Bullyblood, 10 February 2020

I would definitely suggest getting an American Bully. Here's why:

Sandy, 29 November 2019

thnx!! im ready to get a dog.