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Should I Get A Second Dog?

Dogs love nothing more than attention and affection, whether it be from you (their owner) or their beloved fellow dog friends. They can be perfectly happy with just the attention from their owner and family, which means getting another dog is certainly not essential. However, if you feel like you would like another dog to give your first pup a little extra company, read on to find out how to choose a suitable new dog.

Two Australian Shepherd Dogs holding the same stick on the beach
Two Australian Shepherd Dogs holding the same stick on the beach

Dogs With Similar Energy Levels

Getting a new dog can be a great way to give your current dog some canine company and a new playmate can even boost a lazy dog’s energy levels. However, if the new dog is significantly older or younger than your current dog they may have different levels of play and energy. This can result in the older dog getting annoyed or pushed around. You will need to take extra time tiring out a younger dog so they behave themselves with the older dog. If you are able to do this, the older dog will gradually begin to accept the younger one and may even adopt a parenting role.

Two Golden Retriever puppies playing in the garden
Two Golden Retriever puppies playing in the garden

Separation Anxiety - Is Getting Another Dog A Good Idea?

Separation anxiety is when a dog gets stressed from being left alone for too long. It is often thought that adopting another dog will instantly solve all problems associated with your first dog’s separation anxiety, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. When adopting a second dog you must consider a number of different variables, including gender, temperament, energy requirements and size. Take time to that you think about these variables when buying a new dog, otherwise they might not get along. Your vet will be able to offer suggestions of breeds that are most likely to get on with your current dog by matching their strengths and weaknesses.

For more information regarding how to choose a second dog follow this link.

Two Dogs Playing Tug Of War
Two Dogs Playing Tug Of War

Alternatively, you can search through our dog directory to create a shortlist of dog breeds that closely match the requirements of your current dog.

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Dax, 13 February 2020

Getting an American Bully is the perfect choice for a second dog. Trust me!