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Should I get a dog if I work all day?

Dogs are highly sociable animals, and when left alone for long periods of time can become bored and distressed. But with so many of us in full-time work and being pet parents to pups, you might be curious as to how people manage this balancing act. Experiencing the joy of dog ownership is possible if you work full-time, but only if you’re able to make suitable adjustments. So, how can you get a dog if you work all day?

How can you own a dog if you work all day?

Taking your dog to work

One way to get around owning a dog and working all day is to take your dog to work! This, of course, isn’t always feasible, depending on what your job is, and whether your workplace is dog-friendly. If you think this might be a possibility, speak to your employer to see how this could work. Don’t forget that everyone in the workplace will have to agree as well, so be prepared to speak to your colleagues about your plan.

If you do successfully persuade your boss and colleagues to allow you to bring Fido into the office, don’t forget their office essentials. Their dog crate. will help create a cozy space, should your pup begin to feel overwhelmed in a new environment. A super soft dog blanket and dog treats should also be top of the list. Read our Bringing your dog to work? for more advice.

Spend lunch breaks at home

If you live close enough to your workplace, you can make it a priority to get home to spend some extra time with Fido. During this break, it’s ideal if you’re able to head out on a dog walk but if you’re short on time, spend the time playing together and letting them go potty. This way, they’ll be able to burn off some energy and you’ll get to enjoy your lunch with your friend.

Dog sitters

Dog sitters and doggy daycare centers are readily available but come at a cost. If you have friends or family members locally then this can work out as a lot less expensive but ultimately, it’s important not to forget that your dog is your responsibility. Plus, you’ll also need to consider that if you’re away working so much that your dog is spending all day every day away from home, then do you really have the time to build a bond with them?

Lower-maintenance dogs

Regardless of breed, dogs are a long-term commitment, that require dedicated owners who are able to fulfll their needs. This being said, particular dog breeds are more prone to canine separation anxiety than others, meaning that they may struggle with being left for even short amounts of time.

Dog breeds such as border collies, German shepherds and vizslas are just a few breeds more likely to experience separation anxiety. It’s worthwhile researching more independent dog breeds such as the chow chow and basset hound if you know that might have to leave your dog by themselves for longer periods of time.

Dogs can also be lower maintenance due to fewer exercise requirements. More laid-back breeds are less likely to be destructive around the home when left. High-energy dog breeds like the Siberian husky and Australian shepherd, however, can also struggle to settle when alone during the day.

Alternatives to dog ownership

There’s no denying that it’s possible to fit a dog into a busy lifestyle, but it does take compromise. If you’re unwilling or unable to do so, then it could be a better idea to opt for an alternative. Whilst nothing quite compares to the love of man’s best friend, there are still ways to enjoy four-legged or feathered companionship:

Dog sitting

Have a friend or family member who could do with someone to watch their dog whilst they’re away? Dog sitting is great fun and it means you’ll get to experience being around your favorite animal but without the full-time commitment. If you don’t personally know anyone with a dog, then you can find various websites to can sign up for with a directory of other dog sitters in your area.

Volunteering at a rescue

Rescue centers are usually more than happy to welcome new volunteers. The dogs and staff will appreciate an extra set of hands, whilst you can enjoy spending some time with your new furry friends. Don’t forget to check with your local center if they’d like any donations, too. Many will often take in dog blankets and dog beds for any pups in need.

How about another pet?

All pets are a responsibility, but some require a lot less around-the-clock care than dogs do. Chickens for one, are a great animal to keep if you’re away during the day. Just as with any pet, chickens require mental and physical stimulation but can be left alone for a day or two if need be. Curious about the world of chicken keeping? Take a read of our Raising chickens for beginners 101 blog for more.

Omlet and your dog

At Omlet, we get pets and we get people. We understand the joys of dog ownership whilst understanding the realities of busy lifestyles. Keeping a dog and working can be possible with a bit of help from friends and families, dog sitters, and our leading dog products such as Omlet’s dog beds, dog crates and dog blankets. Soon enough, you can be on your way to a wondrous connection with a four-legged companion.

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