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Should I Get A Dog If I Work All Day?

Dogs are by their nature pack animals and if you only have one dog, you shouldn't underestimate how much attention your pet needs. They are social animals who would love nothing more than to be by your side every minute of the day. If you have a 9 - 5 job, mornings, evenings and weekends can be the perfect time to play, bond and train your dog, so treat him with an exciting adventure, or maybe even a swimming lesson.

A Bernese Mountain Dog enjoying an exciting walk
A Bernese Mountain Dog enjoying an exciting walk

Fulfilling Your Dog's Basic Needs

Dogs also have basic daily needs like feeding, grooming and training. You need to make sure that your dog is able to go outside to the toilet and get the exercise that he needs, so leaving him home alone for 8 hours isn’t the right thing to do. This doesn’t mean you can’t own a dog if you work full time but you need to make sure that these requirements are fulfilled so that your dog is both physically and mentally healthy.

A black Labrador having a good swim
A black Labrador having a good swim

In short, unless you’re workaholic, have two jobs or spend most of your time out of the country, you should be able to find a way to look after a dog.

Here are a few ways that you can help your dog to stay happy and healthy in your absence.

Taking Your Dog To Work

If you are lucky enough to work for a dog friendly company, taking your companion into work can have many great benefits. Not only will your dog feel loved and happy but some studies have shown that there is an increase in productivity and can boost morale throughout the office. A dog will also provide you with an extra excuse to leave your desk and have a break.

Dog crates can enable pets to be easily taken to their owner's work place

To help your dog fit into work, here are a few doggy do’s and doggy don't's:

  • First of all make sure none of your work colleagues are allergic to dogs. They won’t appreciate sneezing all day no matter how cute and lovely your dog might be.
  • Your dog should be housetrained and well socialized before you consider taking him to work as you don’t want any embarrassing mishaps.
  • Make sure your dog is up to date with all vaccinations.
  • Create a specific place in your office for your pet. Many owners find that an ideal set-up for the office is a dog crate, with a familiar, cosy bed inside. This structure will act as their safe place, one in which they can be quiet and feel relaxed. We offer a number of different dog crates - those to fit into your home as well as portable options to make your life easier on-the-go. Above is the Fido Classic, which is perfect for owners who want their pets to accompany them during their working lives. If your dog is crate trained consider getting a second crate for work and if you haven't crate trained yet this is the perfect opportunity to start. To find out how to crate train your dog follow this link.
  • Most companies require that your dog is supervised at all times and isn’t allowed to wander around the office - so make sure you dog is well exercised before bringing them into the office.
  • You may want to bring in toys to keep your dog occupied so they don’t get bored.
  • Make sure there is always water available.

Take Your Dog For A Walk Before You Go To Work

Both you and your dog can start your days off perfectly by getting out in the fresh air for some exercise. It doesn’t need to be a marathon but taking your dog out on a short, vigorous walk and making him run after a few balls will do two things:

  • Help make him want to sleep or rest shortly after you leave for work. This will help to prevent boredom. Physically tiring your dog out will also help to balance out his emotions, which can be very effective at relieving depression, stress and anxiety.
  • Build a strong bond between you and your dog which will ensure that he’s stimulated and happy. Your dog will want to please you and work for your attention. So, squeeze in as much training, teaching and play into your morning schedule as you can.

A fit and healthy Collie jumping for a frisbee
A fit and healthy Collie jumping for a frisbee

Pop Home At Lunchtime

If you work close to home then it is always best if you can make it home during your lunch break to spend some time with your dog. Take him out for a wee, play with him, and give him plenty of exercise. If you can tire him out during your lunch break he won’t be restless after you leave again.

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel having a rest on the sofa
A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel having a rest on the sofa

Invest In A Dog Walker

Hiring a dog walker is a fantastic way to show your dog that you love him. It gives him the opportunity to have a good run around and socialise with some new doggy friends.

The only downside is that professional dog walkers can be quite expensive, so if you have a friend or family member who has dogs it might be worth asking them if they are able to walk your dog in the day.

A group of Dachshunds being walked by a dog walker
A group of Dachshunds being walked by a dog walker

Leave Your Dog With Toys To Keep His Mind Stimulated

Dogs absolutely love toys - especially ones that involve problems solving. Finding treats hidden in toys will keep your dog’s mind active. Boredom is just as likely to cause destructive behaviour as separation anxiety, so keep your dog entertained with an interactive toy.

A Jack Russell playing with its kong toy on the grass
A Jack Russell playing with its kong toy on the grass

Toys like Kongs can keep dogs entertained for hours as they have to work for their reward, but don’t rely on these toys too much or your dog might move onto chewing something else (like your favourite slippers). Omlet stock a great range of interactive toys to help keep your dog stimulated in your absence. Just follow the link here.

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