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Gerbil Habitat

Gerbils are usually desert or semi-desert species, inhabiting vast expanses of sandy territory as well as steppes (areas which are slightly more green but still very arid). There are more than a hundred different gerbil species, but the two kept as pets hail from Mongolia and the Sahara desert.

gerbil habitat desert arid
Gerbil species often live in extraordinarily dry regions

Mongolian gerbils occupy deserts and steppes, which are very arid territories that often experience blisteringly hot temperatures. There is usually quite a bit of greenery within their habitat, and they’ll eat a lot of seeds from within this area. Mongolian gerbils create intricate burrows - any current gerbil owners won’t be surprised by the tunnelling ability of these little animals, as captive gerbils will spend many hours creating impressive tunnels in their cages.

Fat-tailed gerbils are from the Sahara desert, and so can be found in countries such as Algeria. Like Mongolian gerbils, these animals create burrows in which to shelter from extremes of temperature, but their tunnels are usually significantly shallower and less complex than those created by their Mongolian relatives.

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