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Are Gerbils Rodents?

Yes, gerbils are members of the rodent group, alongside other pets such as mice and rats. Rodents are a group of mammals of varying sizes, ranging from teeny tiny hamsters like the Roborovski, all the way up to much larger members of the family such as the Capybara. Biologically, rodents belong to a grouping known as an order - this is a high-level grouping of hundreds of different species that are all relatively closely related. This order, called ‘Rodentia’, falls within an even larger group called ‘Mammalia’. All the species that are categorised within this larger group are known as mammals. We humans are mammals, so we belong in this group, too!

gerbils are rodents
Gerbils are part of the rodent family

Rodents have a bit of a tough time of it when it comes to their interactions with humans, with some of their family designated as ‘pests’, some used as laboratory test subjects and others subjected to neglect when kept as pets. We (and we’re sure you do too) want to give these little animals the best lives possible, which is why we’ve created this guide to give as much help and advice as we can to the loving owners of these cute little creatures.

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