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Being able to tell which gender a gerbil is is a very useful skill, particularly if you’re selecting your pets from a shop. You’ll want to be able to pick a pair that are the same gender - if you choose incorrectly then you could have lots and lots of babies to rehome in a few weeks!

male or female gerbil
It's wise to learn how to tell male and female gerbils apart before you bring your pets home

To tell which gender a gerbil is, you’ll need to very carefully examine their rear end. Be sure that they can’t wriggle out of your hands and hurt themselves - try holding them just above a soft surface. You may have to briefly turn them over to analyse their tail region.

The primary difference between males and females is that males’ genital openings and anuses are much farther apart than females’. Another key difference is that females’ genitals won’t usually be as raised as the males’- with adult males, the area under the tail has a big bump, because the testicles are under the skin.

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