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The Meaning Of 'Hamster'

The word ‘hamster’ is used to refer to a number of different species from all across the world, Syria, Siberia and China to name a few. The word comes from the German term for hoarder: ‘hamstern’, and has been applied to these species due to their strong tendency to hoard food. To survive in the wild, hamsters may have to spend a lot of their time collecting food when there’s plenty of it around, so that they can survive on these stores when times are scarce.

hamster name meaning
Hamsters love to create little hoards of food

This environmental problem still concerns captive hamsters, so much so that owners will regularly find little stashes of food that their hamster has carefully collected in and around their enclosures.

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Alexus, 10 July 2019

Learning about hamsters and and having fun with them