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Health Care

Hamsters are wonderful pets, but like all animals they can fall ill from time to time. This section of the guide offers advice on lots of different aspects of looking after your pet’s health, from undergoing home health checks, to veterinary visits.

hamster health
There are lots of things you can do to help keep your hamster in good condition

To provide you with information on some hamster health complaints, we’ve collated guidance on checking your pets, as well as creating a list of some of the more common hamster illnesses. The list we’ve created here can be used as a reference so that you can familiarise yourself with a few key diseases, but it is not exhaustive, and so it’s wise to arm yourself with a full hamster health book for emergencies.

As with all pets, if you think something is wrong with your hamster, then we strongly advise seeking veterinary advice. If you’re unsure whether you can treat the problem at home or if you’ve made the correct diagnosis, then a vet will usually be able to help and put your mind at ease.

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