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Owners' Questions

Life with your hamster will be very exciting, and looking after your pet will become easier as you become more acquainted with its personality and needs. Although we hope your time with these little animals will run smoothly, owners of all levels of experience need a bit of advice from time-to-time.

Hamster ownership may throw up some surprises

This section includes information on a variety of topics, from cage biting to recovering a lost pet. Hamster ownership can sometimes be a bit tricky, but it’s likely that someone else has had the same experience, so whatever it is, you’ll probably find a solution to the problem. Good luck!

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Kat, 13 January 2020

When you hold him and he crawls up your arms, gently push him down or put him down. This will show him that going up your arms is not a place where he is going to be able to walk on. You could also try to give your hamster a treat while he is in your hands to make him sit still (at least for a while). It depends if your hamster is running out of fear or just because they are excited. If he is scared, you should get him used to being held but if he is just active, you should use the methods above. However, the method also varies with different types of hamster so if your hamster is less speedy than a robo dwarf, it will be easier but I've owned many robos who do this and it is just a matter of showing them where they can and can't go.

Katie, 22 August 2019

My hamster loves to run up my arms when I try to hold him. Is there a way to get him to sit still in my hands without trying to race off?