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Feeding Your Hamster

Feeding your hamster can be great fun, as hamsters are characterful little animals who will seize upon seeds and rusks quickly and shove them into their cheeks or try to stow them away somewhere around their cage. Catering for a hamster’s nutritional needs is more simple than for some other pets, but there are still several things about your pet’s diet that you need to know.

feeding your hamster
Hamsters love an interesting, varied diet

We’ve created this handy section to give you lots of advice on feeding your pet, from its daily diet through to occasional supplements and treats. There’s a Hamster Food List to give you a good idea of the range of foodstuffs your pet will appreciate, as well as advice on diets, portion sizes, and nutritional requirements.

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Hamster eating food out of hand


An Omleteer, 11 April 2023

I just got a hamster. Should I leave him alone for 2-3 days? A video said to

Rosalind, 18 April 2020

Hi I have 2 female fancy hamster. I was wondering if they can eat cooked vegetable or do I give them raw? and can they eat frozen veg but thaw out?