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Monitoring Health

Monitoring your hamster’s wellbeing is a good habit to get into. Overseeing your hamster’s health includes both keeping an eye on your hamster (and its enclosure) on a day-to-day basis, as well as taking them out of their cage for a thorough examination in the form of a regular health check.

health check
Checking your hamster's health regularly will help you spot problems

Although it’s not necessary to give your hamster a thorough, daily health exam, it’s a good idea to judge how well your pet looks each day as you feed and play with it - is there anything out of the ordinary? As you get to know your pet, you’ll be able to recognise when they are their usual selves, and when they are not. For example, if your hamster seems much more lethargic than usual, is limping or is breathing more heavily, then it’s likely your pet has a health problem and you may have to take them to a vet. Once you notice things that are out of the ordinary, this is your cue to investigate further.

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