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Where Do I Put My Hamster Bedding?

Whichever hamster bedding you use, you’ll want to keep it fresh and dry. Hamsters often nibble their bedding, and if there’s dirt or mould on the bedding then it could cause problems with your pet’s digestive system.

One option is to store your hamster’s bedding in a sealed box to prevent other creatures getting at it. Whilst some owners keep it in a sealed container, others choose to freeze their bedding for 48 hours to minimise the possibility of the bedding transferring any parasites to their pets. If you do choose to do this, make sure that the bedding is thoroughly defrosted before putting it in your hamster’s cage or they could risk getting chilled.

The Qute with storage

If you have the Qute hamster cage that comes with storage, then you can keep your hamster bedding nice and dry in the built-in drawer in the unit. If you don’t have one of these, then it’s important to have a good, dry area of your house in which you can store your hamster’s bedding.

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Toni, 14 September 2021

can i keep it on a windowsill

Emily, 26 May 2019

what if u put ur cage next to electronic equipment