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The Omlet Guide to Keeping Rabbits

Read about these furry animals and their amusing antics. You can learn the basics of caring for your pet or study their anatomy. Do you know your dewlap from your scut?! Or did you know that unchecked a rabbit's teeth will grow 5 inches a year? You can read all this and more in Omlet guide to keeping rabbits.

Customer Images

Me llamo nieve
Very practical
Little heart and flobby
Buttons & Buddy on the look out!
Rabbit sitting in tray
Black Rabbit
Rabbit Laying Down
Rabbit in Omlet Zippi Rabbit Playpen
Rabbit eating in Green Eglu Go Rabbit Hutch and Run
A rabbit paradise inside an Omlet rabbit run.
Rabbits relaxing together.
A rabbit jumping out a blue Eglu Classic rabbit hutch.
A rabbit relaxing outside.
Lil Bun Bun the rabbit.
Rabbit jumping over Tunnel
A little guinea pig with a fluffy head.
Such a pretty rabbit
A white rabbit eating lots of hay.
Two rabbits relaxing on a sunday.
A beautiful wildcross rabbit living in my house.
A rabbit relaxing in my home.
A rabbit standing on it's back legs.
A rabbit walking on a table.
Rabbits talking to each other.
A rabbit relaxing in it's rabbit run.
Rabbit coming up to say hello!
A rabbit just chilling.
A rabbit in the wild looking about.
A rabbit with a green ribbon around its neck.
Nutmeg taking a little snooze
Cottontail cuddled up
New Zealand blacks
New Zealand black
Rabbit with flower on head
Rabbit in garden
Rabbit in garden
Cute Rabbit
Cute Rabbit in Garden
Cute Rabbit in Laying Down in Garden
a white bunny rabbit with black spots stood behind mesh
a small white bunny rabbit with brown spots
Rabbit Laying on Bed
Rabbit Laying on Bed
Rabbit Laying on Bed
Rabbit on bed
Dutch rabbit
a large brown and black bunny rabbit lying in the sun in an animal run
a large walk in run with a wooden chicken coop inside it
a brown and white baby bunny rabbit being held by its owner
w white bunny rabbit lying on a picnic mat outside in the sun
A bunnie laying on grass
a green and a purple eglu go with runs with covers attached
bunnies and chickens in a green and a purple go cage with a run attached and covers over the top
a light grey mini lop bunny rabbit in an animal run
two black and white fluffy bunny rabbits
a brown and white bunny rabbit stepping out of a purple go rabbit hutch in to a pet run
I really like my snuggle bed but when it is sunny i want to be outside!
Rose and Thor
The great escape
Malou, 2 months old who has not yet understood how the bowl works
Bella and bonnie
Two lionhead rabbits: miffy & joey
My lionhead rabbit enjoying his new cage
lovely buff color Lionhead buck
I am enjoying the sun!
Baby bunny
Roger the dodger our
Flower pot tug of war!!
Happy bunnies and pigges!
I'm getting out!
All snug
Are you looking at me??
Cute little button nose!
Does the meadow taste Good?
Just arrived and ready to Go into their Eglu
Truffle my 12 year old giant lop! :-)
Guiness my 2 year old lop! :-)
Jasper's bunny hotel's Omlets
Sophia Lauren
Prince George and Sophie
My old pal - William the rabbit.
A little rabbit.
Happy pair of rabbits.
Baby rabbits  - so exciting.
4-8 day old rabbits.
A baby bunny rabbit
Rabbit hiding
Two rabbits in the garden eating grass
Two Mini Lop Rabbits
Bunny laying down in the garden
Cute Rabbit standing on its back legs in the garden
Spot the rabbit in the teddy bears
Two Cute Rabbits laying next to each other
Black Rabbit relaxing and laying down with back legs pushed out
Two Rabbits sitting in garden ornament
Rabbit running in frosty garden


Cindie, 31 May 2021

My rabbit ONLY uses his coop as a bathroom ???? I even tried removing food and water and putting it out in the pen. How do I get him to start “going” outside? Yes... I have the 9’ omlet rabbit tractor and I move it 1-2 times a week. That’s the biggest issue. Unless I catch him in the coop it’s soooo hard to move it cause I don’t want to hurt him.

Toni, 8 January 2020

As an experienced rabbit keeper I would not buy your runs because they do not have tops on - rabbit is prey to attack from foxes and cats, amongst others. Also, you show hay feeding into a tunnel system. This would get wet in the rain and go mouldy - very bad for rabbits. I don't think you have thought your systems through very well and it is disappointing to see the rabbits photographed in the two story hutch that does not comply with rabbit welfare standards Sorry, there are better systems out there try Runaround and Manor Pet Housing

Leanna, 3 August 2019

Can large bunnies fit through the holes on the tunnel?

Dianne, 3 January 2019

I have two rabbits three dogs two budgies and two chickens

Leigh-Anne, 26 July 2016

I have found your wonderful website and I am loving the runs. Just what I have been looking for