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How Do Rabbits Communicate?

There are a variety of ways rabbits communicate, whether it’s with you or with a member of their own species. This page goes into a good bit of detail about how these little animals talk to one another, as well as pointing out some sounds and pieces of body language that you as an owner should be on the look-out for.

Rabbits, like humans, make a number of different sounds to help them understand each other

Growling – some people are surprised to learn that, like cats and dogs, rabbits make a growling sound. In rabbits, it means much the same as it does in the larger animals, and that is – leave me alone!

Purring – this is a sign of a very content pet. Whatever you’re doing – keep doing it! Rabbits, like cats, purr when they feel very comfortable.

Squeaking – this can mean a number of different things. If two rabbits are close together and look reasonably calm, then the squeaking can indicate that the two share a close social bond. However, if your rabbit squeaks when you pick them up, or when they’re fighting with another rabbit, then the squeak means that something is wrong, and so you should try to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Teeth grinding – this is a low sound that is quite difficult to hear, but owners should be on the look-out for it. It indicates that your pet is not well, and that it is in some discomfort or pain.

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