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How Do Rabbits Make Their Burrows?

Rabbits are furry digging machines. Not only do they have very sturdy, sharp nails, but also extremely efficient front paws that allow them to scratch and scrabble at dirt for long periods of time – some breeds could make short work of lawns and flowerbeds given half a chance! Rabbits love digging, and it’s what they have evolved to do. Most wild rabbits need a warren in order to hide from predators such as foxes and wolves. Rabbit warrens often have many different chambers inside of them, and lots of different entrances and exits. Rabbits spend quite a lot of time digging and maintaining these structures.

Rabbits can make quite intricate, complex homes for them and their families

From time-to-time, if you watch them very carefully, you’ll see one of your rabbits in a full rabbit-digging stance. In order to shovel away as much earth as quickly as possible, rabbits will stand in front of their chosen spot, plant their legs wide apart, and scrape quickly at the earth before them. You’ll see a spray of soil shoot out behind them, and a hole will quickly appear.

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