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How To Clean A Rabbit's Ears

Although your rabbits will clean their own ears most of the time, you should check them regularly to make sure that there are no medical problems or material build-ups occurring there. Examining your rabbits’ ears regularly will help you spot a number of problems early, such as ear mites. There shouldn’t be any discharge from the ears, excessive wax or brown material in there, as these symptoms indicate health problems (see our Rabbit Illnesses pages).

Be careful not to let any water get down into the ear - this is their ear canal

If you are sure that your rabbits are just a bit grubby rather than having an underlying health problem, then you can clean the outside of your pets’ ears with a damp rag (one that you’re happy to throw away afterwards so you don’t spread any potential germs). Moisten the rag with lukewarm water, and make sure that it’s not actually sopping wet. When it makes contact with your rabbit’s ear, you don’t want water to stream off of it as this could make its way into an ear canal.

Once the rag is moist, gently wipe off the dirt from the ear, and lightly pat dry with a new rag. Use a separate rag to do the other ear in case you transmit any infection.

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